New World Order is a platform dedicated to democratising the conversation on globalisation and foreign policy. As the world changes, propelled by climate change and pandemics, we believe a new way of talking about sustainable globalisation should emerge. A globalisation that puts people, and not only profits, sustainability, and not merely efficient supply-chains, at its very centre. It especially seeks to provide a voice for those themes and people marginalised in the hierarchy of old-style globalisation. 

New World Order is founded by Rishi Suri and Hindol Sengupta, both based in New Delhi, India. Rishi works as a journalist, a communications consultant and an educationist. He has been a Chevening Scholar at the University of Westminster and a US State Department IVLP alumnus, and is Editor at The Daily Milap, one of the world's highest-selling Urdu language newspapers. Hindol is a multiple award-winning author of nine books of history, politics and religion. He was trained in South Asian international relations, history and politics at Worcester College, Oxford as a Chevening Scholar, and in business and finance at Columbia Business School as a Knight-Bagehot Fellow at Columbia University. He has been Editor-at-Large for the Indian edition of the Fortune magazine and a popular columnist of its Polemicist column on politics, economics and foreign policy between 2010-2020. He has also been a journalist at CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg TV in India, and is a foreign policy columnist at Aspen Italy.  He is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. 


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